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Standard vs. removable core cylinders

Regardless of the lock you are using, cylindrical, mortise or panic device, the cylinder comes in two types: removable and standard core cylinders.

Standard core: These are cores which remain in the housing and cannot be changed without removing the entire lock-set or cylinder and are commonly referred to as key-in-lever or key-in-knob.

 ♦   Most common type of cylinder
 ♦   Typically found in light commercial applications with a low number of users
 ♦   Manufacturer-specific to the lock and cannot be interchanged with other manufacturers

Interchangeable core: These cores provide maximum flexibility for the end user while maintaining a high level of security and functionality. These cylinders provide the ability for a lock to be re-keyed or with out the need of a locksmith and without the hassle of removing the entire lockset.

 ♦   Typically found in large commercial applications where large turnover or high security is required
 ♦   Not manufacturer-specific to lock type
 ♦   Very convenient for use in exit devices given the ease of re-keying


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